Asian Paints Trucare Glue Gun 20w

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Asian Paints Trucare Glue Gun is a versatile crafting companion, delivering reliability on various materials. With safety features, premium quality, and a copper nozzle for strong adhesion, it’s a must-have for crafts and quick fixes. The ergonomic design ensures comfort in any workspace.

Crafting Essential: The Asian Paints Trucare Glue Gun is your go-to tool for diverse craft and DIY projects, offering reliable performance on wood, glass, cards, fabric, toy models, plastics, circuit boards, and more.

Safety and Convenience: With 20 watts of power and a quick 1-3 minute warm-up time, this hot melt gun ensures safety. The LED light power switch signals when the gun is ready for use, adding a layer of convenience.

Top-notch Quality: Crafted from high-quality plastic engineered to withstand high pressure and temperature without deformation, this professional heat gun guarantees optimal results in arts, crafts, and quick patch-ups.

Copper Nozzle Advantage: The glue gun features a copper nozzle, ensuring a low melting point and strong stickiness. Achieve maximum adhesive strength with rapid drying, allowing for adjustments even after application.

Portable and Robust: Designed for crafting in any workspace, the high-temp hot melt glue gun boasts an ergonomically designed handle for comfort. The 3-finger large trigger system adds to its user-friendly design.

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Asian Paints Trucare Glue Gun 20w
Asian Paints Trucare Glue Gun 20w
Rs. 197 Rs. 999
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